Come in and Cool off on a Hot day. Enjoy Downtown Palm Springs!

Lappert's Premium Gourmet
Ice Cream in Palm Springs

130 N. Palm Canyon Dr


Premium Ice Cream

Ice Cream Palm Springs


& decadently delicious! 

In your choice of 

cup or regular cone: 

- Single Scoop - 

- Double Scoop - 

- Triple Scoop - 

Add the following: 

- Waffle Cone - 

- Chocolate-Dipped Waffle Cone - 

Also available in hand-packed pints

Dole Whip

Palm Springs Date Shake

Famous via the 

Dole® Plantations in Hawaii 

and the Tiki Hut at Disneyland®. 

Pure pineapple, tossed and frozen 

- Small 4oz - 

- Regular 8oz - 

- Large (Pint) 16oz - 

Add pineapple chunks for an extra treat! 

Dole Whip Float 

Dole® Whip Soft-Serve, 

Dole® Pineapple Juice

butter waffle cookie and a cherry 

Date Shake

Date Shake Downtown Palm Springs

An absolute favorite! 

Don’t leave Palm Springs 

without having one! 

Made with local 

Coachella Valley Dates 

(never date crystals) 

- 16oz - 

Dairy-free option 

available upon request 

Shave Ice

A taste of the islands 

available in two icy sizes 

& more the 2 dozen flavors 

- Small - 

- Large - 

Sugar-free flavors also offered! 

Add the following: 

- One scoop of ice cream - 

- Snow Cap (condensed milk topper) - 


Select your 3 scoops 

of any flavor of ice cream. 

Blend to perfection. 


- 16oz - 


Palm Springs Smoothies

16 ounces of fruity refreshment 

Aloha Peach 

Wild Berry Blast 


Coco-Mango Cooler 

Pina & Mango 

Orange Breeze 

Add to any smoothie 

- Protein Boost - 

A Smiling Welcome to All!

The place for premium gourmet ice cream, 

a refreshing Dole Whip

the always popular 'date shake' 

and so much, much more 

is the one and only 


Premium Gourmet Ice Cream 

in downtown Palm Springs!

...and also offering...


Hot Fudge 

Ice cream of any flavor, hot fudge, 

whipped cream, diced almonds, 

chocolate or rainbow sprinkles 

in sizes ranging 1, 2, or 3 scoops 

Chocolate Chip Cookie 

Cookies sandwiching two scoops 

of ice cream (any flavor) 


One scoop of any flavor ice cream 

accompanied by 

a sumptuous brownie. 


Made with a fresh banana, 

various toppings 

and your choice of 

3 scoops of any 

of our gourmet 

ice cream flavors. 

So good,... 

even without the banana! 


Palm Springs Root Beer Float

Premium vanilla ice cream 

with your choice of soda: 

Root Beer 




- 16oz size - 



Frozen Banana 

Your choice of sprinkles or nuts 


Vanilla Ice Cream Bar 

Includes your choice of 1 topping 



Simply scrumptious 

Simple Treats

Cookie Sandwich 

Your cookie choice 

plus 1 scoop of 

any flavor ice cream 


Rainbow Sprinkles 

Chocolate Sprinkles 

Chocolate Chips 

Oreo Cookies 

Heath Bar Toffee 

Hot Fudge 

Almond Slices 


Macadamia Nuts 

Chocolate Sauce 

Strawberry Sauce 

Caramel Sauce 

Shredded Coconut 

About Us

Did You Know?

At Lappert's Premium Gourmet Ice Cream in Palm Springs we have available in rotation 125 distinctive flavors such as Manila Mango, Costa Rican Plantain Cajeta, Mexican Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl and Philippine Macapuno Peach Sorbet to name a few as well as the ever famous, genuine DOLE WHIP! 

For what more can one ask? 


Palm Springs Ice Cream Parlor

Downtown Palm Springs Ice Cream Shop

Find the finest ice cream and dole whip, plus shakes and ice cream treats at Lapperts Ice cream in Palm Springs. Enjoy unique tropical flavors and super premium quality for which the Lappert's brand is well known. 

Amazing Ice Cream & Cold Treats

So many amazing flavors of ice cream, dole whips, shakes, date shakes, banana splits, ice cream sundaes, Ice cream cookie sandwiches.

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