Ice Cream

Palm Desert Ice CreamLappert’s Super Premium Ice Cream in Palm Springs

Forget 31! We have 48 world famous, distinctive, unique flavors on display every day! Small batch, ultra-premium gourmet ice cream, in a cup or a cone.

It’s simply the smoothest, richest tasting Ice Cream anywhere. Buy a pint and take some home today! Here’s a partial list of some of our most popular flavors:

Lappert’s will become your favorite hometown ice cream shop in Palm Springs.

Fun place to come with friends and family. A wide variety of super premium ice cream flavors you will be raving about for days.

You will find the following flavors at our ice cream shop in Palm Springs. The “Standard” flavors are always at the shop and the “Rotating” Flavors are for a limited basis.

  • KAUAI PIE (Standard Flavor)
    Kona Coffee Ice Cream, Hawaiian Macadamia nuts, shredded and lightly toasted coconut, and rich dark chocolate fudge
    Hawaiian Pink Salted Caramel Fudge in our Natural Sweet Cream
  • UDDERLY PURE (Standard Flavor)
    Sweet Cream. Our Ice Cream in it's Purest Form. Made with Organic Milk.
  • CHOCOLATE (Standard Flavor)
    Dark Roasted Cocoa Beans
  • COOKIES AND CREAM (Standard Flavor)
    Natural sweet cream and Oreo Cookies
  • VANILLA BEAN (Rotating Flavor)
    We use only Organic Bourbon Vanilla and Organic Ground Vanilla Beans
  • MACADAMIA NUT (Standard Flavor)
    Natural Sweet Cream Lightly Flavored with Organic Macadamia nut essence and full of Australian Macadamia Nuts
    Chocolate Ice Cream with Australian Macadamia Nuts
    Toasted Coconut, Lightly Salted Caramel and Australian Macadamia Nuts
  • CHOCOLATE CHIP (Standard Flavor)
    Vanilla Ice Cream and Dark Chocolate Chips
  • COTTON CANDY (Standard Flavor)
    Just Like the Fair...only Much Better!
  • BANANA CREAM PIE (Standard Flavor)
    Fresh Bananas and Delicious Buttery Pie Crust Pieces in our Natural Sweet Cream
    Chocolate Ice Cream and Peanut Butter Fudge
  • MINT CHIP (Standard Flavor)
    Mint Ice Cream and Dark Chocolate Chips
  • COOKIE MONSTER (Standard Flavor)
    Bright blue Ice Cream with cookie dough and Oreo pieces
  • BLUE BUBBLE GUM (Rotating Flavor)
    Not Much Natural Here, but so what, it's Good!
  • COCONUT PINEAPPLE (Standard Flavor)
    Coconut Ice Cream and Pineapple Chunks
  • DATE CASABLANCA (Standard Flavor)
    Medjool Date Ice Cream with candied Dates and a Date/Caramel Swirl
  • KONA COFFEE (Standard Flavor)
    Cold filtered Kona Coffee makes this one an award winning flavor
  • BING CHERRY CORDIAL (Standard Flavor)
    Oregon Bing Cherries and Chocolate Chunks
  • STRAWBERRY (Standard Flavor)
    Made with Washington State Strawberries
  • HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (Rotating Flavors)
    Hone Sweetened Ice Cream and Rose Petal Extract
  • COOKIE CRUNCH (Standard Flavor)
    Chocolate Ice Cream and Oreo Cookies
  • PISTACHIO (Standard Flavor)
    Pistachio Pieces in Ice Cream
  • BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE (Standard Flavor)
    Cheesecake Ice Cream and Blueberry Swirl
  • VANILLA YOGURT (Standard Flavor)
    Tahitian Vanilla made with Lowfat Milk and Live Yogurt Cultures
  • CHOCOLATE YOGURT (Standard Flavor)
    Lowfat Chocolate with Live Yogurt Cultures
  • RASPBERRY SORBET (Standard Flavor)
    Diary Free Dessert made with Oregon State Raspberries
  • PASSION FRUIT SORBET (Standard Flavor)
    Dairy Free Dessert made with Molokoi Passion Fruit
  • MANGO SORBET (Standard Flavor)
    Dairy Free Dessert made with Filipino Mango
  • RAINBOW SORBET (Standard Flavor)
    Dairy Free Dessert made with Coconut, Raspberry and Passion Fruit Flavors
Ice Cream