Your New Favorite Desert Will be the Lappert’s Mangonada!!

Your New Favorite Desert Will be the Lappert’s Mangonada!!

What is a Mangonada?

Bright orange, swirled with red, and topped with mango chunks, the mangonada is a summertime staple in Mexico but due to its popularity, it has migrated to the U.S. and is being received with open arms. This brightly colored desert not only looks attractive but tastes delicious. 

If you haven’t tried a mangonada (also known as chamango) you are in for a real treat!  A mangonada is a fruit-based Mexican desert that features mangos, Chamoy sauce (a fruity and savory hot sauce), chili powder, and usually features at tamarind paste-wrapped straw, that’s rolled in chili powder.  It is a classic combination of sweet, sour, and spicy, which is a popular flavor profile of Mexican cuisine, and now becoming an American favorite as well.

There are many variations of mangonadas, and the recipe can vary from place to place.  To some, the mangonada is a slushy, made with pureed mango pulp. Sometimes it is more watered down. Often, places distinguish between versions like the vampiro, loaded with chunks of fruit, and the diablito, which is more of a chili-water with fruit. The common denominator among the variations will always be mango, chamoy sauce and chili powder.

So what makes a Lappert’s of Palm Springs and Palm Desert Mangonada so uniquely special?  It’s the combination of ingredients, starting with our amazingly fresh-tasting, ultra-premium Mango sorbet we use as our base, which sets our Mangonadas apart. We then layer the sorbet with mango chunks, chamoy sauce and tajin seasoning, for a supremely refreshing summertime treat, with a sweet, tangy, and spicy complex flavor that can’t be compared to any other desert.

Next time you’re in the Palm Springs or Palm Desert areas, stop by Lappert’sPremium Gourmet Ice Cream.  We highly encourage you to try one of these refreshing and flavorful treats!